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Posted on 06-09-2016

The other day I was at a party at a friends home and overheard a woman whom I did not know say, “my hair would never wake and shake…”

What? I thought to myself. How does she know what her hair will or won’t do? If you know nothing about hair, don’t try and guess if your “hair will wake and shake.” Come in for a free consultation. If I feel that I cannot be effective with your hair I will tell you so. I send people away all the time. It’s not my intent to do your hair one time only; I make my living from clients that return time after time.

I will tell you whom I know for a fact that this cut will NOT work for; it doesn’t work for:

  1. People who have very short hair. Short hair does what it wants to do – not what you want it too. A certain amount of length gives you control. Please don’t even come in for a consultation if the hair on top of your head is less than three inches. It can be shorter elsewhere but to easily achieve lift on top you need at least that much. This is the number one reason why I send people away.
  2. A person who wants a “coiffed” look. The wake & shake is NOT a fixed fussy hairstyle. It is a cut that moves and can be easily re-styled with three swipes of a wide toothed comb (which I will give you as a gift) or your hand.
  3. Anyone with “permed” hair. There is no natural flow to permed hair and so it will not work until the perm has grown out. Your hair grows at the rate of one half inch a month. At that rate it will take six months for your hair to grow out of a perm. Permed hair is severely damaged hair and it is nothing like naturally curly or wavy hair. Natural waves or curls are not a problem to “wake and shake.”
  4. A woman who wears a large wig every day. Experience has shown me that no matter how well I cut this persons hair – they simply will not wear it. I have done women who appear balding and shown them how to do their hair so as to appear almost thick and they still have preferred to wear the wig. They have become so used to looking in the mirror and seeing that huge head of hair that nothing less will do. As I said before if I can’t be effective; I don’t want to do your hair.

Everyone one else is welcome. Bring your problem hair to me and I will help you.

Tags: Hair Styles

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