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Posted on 06-09-2016

We all know that a good cut is meant to look good but what do we mean by that? The function of a good cut or style is to enhance the appearance of your face. This means that what looks right for one person might not be right for another. I have seen women wearing beautifully done cuts that were totally wrong for them. If the cut does not make your face appear more attractive, then it is not the right cut for you.

A simple example would be a long hairstyle on an older woman. Now please understand, I personally prefer long hair – however there is a principle regarding the eye and lines. Simply stated: the eye follows the line. This means that if you are over a certain age, hair that falls too far below the jaw line will draw the viewers eye down causing the face of the woman who is wearing a too long cut to appear older and tired. A more appropriate cut will not drag the face down, and as with a good face lift, you will appear refreshed.

A proper style will balance the face; rounding out a long face or giving a too round face a slimmer shape.
Another mistake women make, is wearing a hairstyle that is hopelessly out of date. What looked good twenty or thirty years ago probably no longer suits you and says things about your level of sophistication you’d rather not hear.

Your hairstyle and hair color make a statement about your education and even your socio-economic class.
My main focus is simply for you to look your best. I never recommend hairstyles or haircolor based on trendiness. I will only do that which will work for you and your hair.

You wear your hair every day, wearing a cheap cut is like wearing a poorly made piece of clothing – don’t do that. For better or worse we live in a world that is hyper sensitive to branding. Don’t be the cheap brand when it doesn’t cost all that much to look like quality. Face the world looking your very best.

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