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Posted on 06-09-2016

There are a number of advantages to profession salon hair color versus home hair. Besides the obvious that it looks better – and if you say the color you’ve gotten in a salon was nothing special then you have never experienced the work of an expert colorist. And sadly, many stylists know as little as you do about hair color formulation.

  1. The color should suit your complexion. So many people choose the wrong color resulting in a color that can make them appear sickly or older. As with the cut, the most important function of your hair is to enhance your face.
  2. It should look natural. Most home hair color comes out looking very fake: the ends darker than the roots. This is completely backwards; even natural hair color fades so the roots should always be darker than the ends. However since that box of hair color recommends you comb the color through – something a good colorist would never do, the older porous ends grab the color more than the roots. Also combing the color through especially with home tints results in the color coming out very flat and one dimensional. Even if your ends are faded enough to warrant refreshing, a completely different formula should be put on the ends than the roots.
  3. Gray hair aside, even that hair that retains its natural color changes with age, becoming darker, flatter, ashier (drab). A good colorist will do what is needed to subtly or not so subtly restore your hair to a more youthful healthy look. Look at a childs hair color – it is not all one flat color but many variations. A good colorist will seek to do that by adding highlights and low lights as needed. Since I refuse to do substandard work, I have only one price for color and always include the foils highlights and/or low lights with the service at no extra charge.
  4. And finally, initial appearance aside, salon color when properly formulated is far more gentle than that box which presumes that your hair is color resistant (few heads are). A more gentle formulation preserves the health of the hair and fades far less.

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